Mehr soziale Verantwortung für eine bessere Welt

Single Sponsorships

Frequently the effect of donations is very anonymous. This is often a problem because committed donors would like to participate in the actual effects of their donation. In response to this problem, we from P.L.E.A. e.V. offer the possibility of individual sponsorships. We also provide smaller donors the occasion to concretely engage in Africa. This may be through a direct partnership to a child or a family that we can arrange.

You can also come to us with a specific donation, for example, as a solar lamp and we give it to a needy person in Africa and give you an acknowledgment from the receiver.

Here we are in principle open to any ideas that move within the parameters of our partnership approach, and will assist you in organizing and carrying out your personal ideas.

Simply contact us. Call us or make an appointment with us by email. We are at your disposal to answer your very specific questions.