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Outcome Orientation

The results-based management is a conceptual approach in which the following key issues are in the focus: What is to be effected through a special project and how, thus in what way it is to be effected.

In a results-based approach, these two issues are permanently in the project center. This starts with the project design and continues with the practice of the projects. Likewise, the performance of these two points has to be evaluated at intermediate and final evaluations of the projects in order to ensure that the specific objectives will be achieved.

It follows that there can be no universal project scheme, but that each project is an individual undertaking, which has to be built around the given foundation points to achieve the desired project results.


  • Results-based management is part of each phase of the project and directs the projects at mechanisms and methods,
  • Results-based management provides constant monitoring, adjustment and improvement of projects.
  • Action orientation is no extra work, but the foundation of the successful implementation of a project.
  • Results-based management takes into account to a large extent the actual at the place of execution prevailing states and needs.


We from P.L.E.A. e.V. do not want to conduct any unrequested projects, but together with our partners develop local projects that are wanted by the public and bring with it a recognizable and significant improvement in the prevailing circumstances of our partners. Therefore, we carry out all our projects strictly outcome-oriented.