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Good Governance & Democratisation

Good governance is at the heart of any successful democracy, since it consists of administrative transparency, efficiency, participation, accountability, market economy, rule of law and justice. Unfortunately, corruption in most African countries has the upper hand. Everywhere citizens are subject to the arbitrariness of the authorities and are therefore not interested in the political affairs of the country or have little or no opportunities to engage in it. There are countless documents that confirm that a cause of the unstable democracy development and economic poverty of Sub-Saharan Africa is the rampant corruption in government, business, education, healthcare and the security forces. Thereby public benefits and services are abused and foreign development assistance funds misappropriated or misused.

The consequence of this is the failure of the control and regulation system in the countries, inefficient services, development of clientelism, electoral manipulation, politically immature parties, ignorance of citizens with respect to their rights and obligations as well as degradation of patriotism, public spirit and the public interest. This is the bitter reality and challenge that democracies in most African countries have to fix for their success. Governments and citizens shall realize and enjoy their rights and responsibilities so that everyone participates for the harmonious functioning of the socio-economic and political development of democracy.

In many countries there are already community groups and even government action, working for the promotion of good governance. However, they are so far mostly still impeded in their work by existing state control mechanisms or do not reach all groups of society. A promotion of their work could contribute to improve governance and promote economic and social development of the countries.

P.L.E.A. e.V. addresses all levels of society with targeted projects in order to support any civil or governmental initiative aiming at change in awareness towards good governance. Because the club is convinced that sustainable development in African countries is unthinkable without good governance.

The association performs thematically various projects to raise awareness and capacity building of citizens and their local associations, e.g. concerning rights and responsibilities in a democracy or in the field of municipal administration staff.

Currently an IT project for municipal administrative staff is already in the phase of financial mobilization. Another project is to sensitize rural civic associations for their role in the success of democracy and local development.

If this appeals to you to participate in these issues, for the details please contact us.