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Solux LED solar lights project


We - PLEA e.V. - advocate actively the Solux LED solar lights project for the elimination of energy poverty, global warming and CO2-related illnesses in Mali / Africa.

To perform this social and environmental project, our association receives already support by the Lower Saxony Bingo Environment Foundation, the Corona Solar Society for Ecological Investment GmbH, the diocese of Hildesheim, the Catholic campus ministry Göttingen and Solux e.V. For this we thank very much.

Perhaps you too as an environmentally conscious person, entrepreneur or institution are prepared to support us. Every donation helps. With donations of a full or partly purchase price of a Solux LED 50, 100 or 105 the lighting problems or the costs incurred by a family in Mali by the charging of mobile phones can be lowered for at least 10 years and at the same time their quality of life will improve and the risk of CO2-related diseases will reduce. At the same time you make a valuable contribution to the reduction of the general warming by CO2 discharges.