Mehr soziale Verantwortung für eine bessere Welt

Project Sponsorships

As with the smaller contributions, also for the larger donations there is often the problem that after going to the bank and transferring the money donors actually have no bearing on what actually happens with the donation. We at P.L.E.A. e.V. have a different approach. We would like to give you the opportunity to be with your donation the sponsor for your very own project, over the course of which you are then regularly informed by us.

In the area of ​​project sponsorships we have, for example, a large crowd of parishes and schools in Africa, urgently seeking a partnership with someone from Germany. Somewhat different it is in communities in Africa, who turn to us because they need help for the implementation of a concrete own cause. At this point we are trying repeatedly to find as part of our partnership approach partners in Germany, who want to become a sponsor for a project or an institution in Africa.

If you have a concrete idea for a project sponsorship or are looking for a project sponsorship in Africa, then just contact contact us and we will advise you in detail about your options. Just call us or make an appointment via email and we are here for you. We look forward to you as a partner for us and for our projects in Africa!