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Running Projects

Workshop: Waterboxx in the districts of Tomininan und San

Some pictures of the project (click to enlarge):

Boarding school canteen

In the municipal area of Tominian there are more than 30 village schools (1st - 6th grade) and only 11 secondary schools (7th - 9th grade). To continue their education in high school, many graduates of village schools have to accept long drives  or have to stay with host families. Demand for host families is generally higher than the supply, so many students (mostly girls) cancel further schooling. For those who have found a host family the food usually is disastrous, as they are often supplied inadequately in families. By building a boarding school with canteen, these conditions could be significantly improved. 

Erosion control

The construction of a small dam from naturally existing material with simple local construction techniques is designed to improve the regulation of water in Somadougou.