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Completed Projects

Village school for the village community Somadougou (Lanfiara-Commune, District of Tominian)

In 1991, the local population in a remote village in southeastern Mali (Region San) founded a village school, which is now regarded as an example in the community. The school is recognized by the state and is under self-government by the villagers. Today it is attended by more than 200 pupils from the village and surrounding communities.

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Water pumps for horticulture

 In addition to rainfed agriculture the citizens of Somadougou practice horticulture during the dry season. This requires a lot of physical work, especially in order to transport the water to the plots. To facilitate the work of the gardeners, a mechanical water pump was introduced in the village in 2002 with financial support from the khg Göttingen.

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Social Health Project

The Catholic Women's Group Légion de Marie in San is supporting socially disadvantaged people in their community. Since 2004 PLEA e.V. worked out together with the women strategies to improve their activities and to extend their activities to other municipalities.

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Granaries for food security

Due to droughts famines occur repeatedly in Mali. A way out of these regular food shortages consists of the construction of granaries for millet. An elected management committee is responsible for the repayment of loans and the annual renewal of the grain supply. Although the construction of the granary is not yet complete, famines in Somadougou could be prevented since 2003 thanks to private donations from Germany.

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Mali 2008: Project Visit to the District of Tominian

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Allocation of 50 complete computers for the girl high school de l'Annonciation run by the diocese of San (San, Ségou region, Mali)

50 complete Computers for computer science education in girls high school Lycée de l'Annonciation run by the diocese San

P.L.E.A. e.V. and CARITAS-Mali in the Diocese of San

Project Background:
As part of our work, we together with our partners in Africa encourage their development dynamics. In this context, the Lycee de l'Annonciation (L.A.) is one of our partners. L.A. is attended by more than 80% girls and managed by the sisterhood de l'Annonciation in the city of San (Diocese of San, Ségou region). In the L.A. complete computers for computer science education and also for Internet usage are urgently needed, because corresponding to the new school reform inaugurated by the Ministry of Education of Mali from the school year 2010/2011 the subject computer science has to be introduced into the teaching of all schools.

Target group:
The students and teachers of the L.A. who currently attend upper secondary school and those who will in the coming years.

Objectives of the project:
Providing 50 good, used, complete computers from Germany for the girls high school Lycée de l'Annonciation managed by the sisterhood de l'Annonciation in the city of San (Diocese of San, Ségou region) in order to introduce computer science teaching in the teaching program and to allow Internet access for the students and teachers.

Measures and activities:
Our partner is able to provide a PC-space and to hire a teacher, but the procurement of computers surmounts his financing capacity. Therefore, he asks us, in coordination with the diocese Bishop (Monseigneur Jean Gabriel Diarra) to support finding a donor for the required computers. A total of 50 computers for the project are needed. According to our discussions with the Norderstedter educational society the 50 PCs could come to Göttingen in line with the Charity Network project (www.charity-network.de) for € 5,150. This amount has been paid by the diocese of Hildesheim, diocese department world church. The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) took over the cost of the forwarding to San / Mali. P.L.E.A. e.V. has contributed with its experience in international freight forwarding in the planning and implementation of computer shipment to Mali with non-cash benefits.


  • Diocese of Hildesheim, Dept. Church development work
  • GIZ, Abt. 503, Postfach 5180, 65726 & Eschborn, Germany. 

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