Mehr soziale Verantwortung für eine bessere Welt


We, P.L.E.A. e.V., are a non-profit association of Göttingen, which was founded in 2006 by African diaspora academics and former development workers.

Our approach is to work out with our partners in Africa solution strategies. In cooperation with motivated development carriers in Africa we want to promote incomplete and neglected fields of action.

Since 2010, the association has a regional office in Mali, where it has been active since 1993. Currently, there are prospects in Togo, Burkina-Faso, Benin and Congo / RDC.

The resulting project ideas shall be implemented in a concrete partnership. Thanks to our local presence, we are able to ensure the implementation and documentation of these projects in partnership.

Given the broad spectrum of activities and tasks in Africa and Germany, we are always looking for new partners and volunteers in Germany who want to work with us and want to support us in our new projects.

In particular we offer internships in the following fields:

  • Event management and public relations,
  • Design of projects and search for funding
  • Submit project applications, e.g. for Europeaid-calls and other international donors,
  • Search for Partnerships and care,
  • Project marketing, implementation and monitoring,
  • Website maintenance and online communications.

As an intern, you get the chance to perform changing and exciting challenges with your own ideas. If funding is available employment is possible.

About a relevant interest on your part, we would be very happy.

For questions we are of course available at any time.

Dr. Denis Coulibaly