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Evaluation & Advice

An important element in the commitment of P.L.E.A. e.V. are evaluation and consulting.

We understand evaluation as a permanent and project-related process by which we try to analyze whether we achieve our project goals and at which points we can realize any efficiency gains.

It is also important to learn for the future and future projects. The experience we have gained in past projects shall have a positive impact on the implementation of further projects. This can only be achieved through a detailed and critical analysis of the undertaken activities and projects.

In a context of transparency we are planning to publish the project evaluations at this point in the future. For us it is very important that you know that you can trust us.

As a second element the consulting activity of P.L.E.A e.V. has to be mentioned. Very often someone has a good idea, but since he does not know how to implement it, this idea runs then into the sand. We think this is a pity as the people of Africa are in great need of help. Therefore, we are available to advise external organizations and individuals. If someone has an idea for a project, he can make at any time and free of charge an appointment with P.L.E.A. e.V. and we then advise him of his possibilities. Here we incorporate, of course, the great practical experience that we have gained in the course of many years of development assistance activity, so that it also can be so useful elsewhere.

If you need advice, then give us a call and arrange a consultation with us for your project idea.